“Oyasumi Scope (Good Night Scope)” is an artwork that will be created by photos gathering through your cooperation. Light and scenery that naturally come into eyes in ordinary life just before closing eyelids and going to sleep. In this work, I collect this “light you see just before you sleep” that you wouldn’t normally share with others and print it into a positive film.
The “Oyasumi Scope” is a palm-sized device that enables you to look at and enjoy the “light that someone who you don’t know saw just before sleep” through the positive film.
Immediately before going to sleep, it’s the moment everyone gets back being alone. I I would like to ask you to capture the light and scenery seen at that moment by a smartphone or camera and send it to me.
*The “Oyasumi Scope” will be exhibited and sold at a venue of Koganecho Bazaar 2020.

~~ We are looking for a photo of “light just before sleep”! ~~

●How to send
Only one photo is accepted per a person.
Please send the photo with ① Your Name and ② E-mail address through application from or e-mail below.
(a picture taken by your smartphone is acceptable).

<Through application form>

<Through e-mail>

August 31, 2020
☆I will send to those who cooperate a wallpaper for smartphone designed with the photos collected.

● Message from the artist
When you go to bed at night, there are different types of light that appear on eyes: for instance, light from outside coming in through the window: light weakly reflected on the wall: afterglow of a fluorescent lamp: light of a reading lamp: light leaking from gap in the door: light of TV that is left on. Moreover, some might keep light on or sleep at dawn.
I would like to ask you to secretly share, in this artwork, the “light that you never share with anyone”. I hope that this work, in which each image of light you have in your mind and perception of a viewer overlap, will expand a scope of imagination about the existence of different individuals.

●About Koganecho Bazaar 2020
Date: September 11th (Friday) to October 11th (Sunday), 2020
Koganecho Bazaar is an art festival hosted by the Koganecho Management Center, an NPO that uses art to revitalize the Yokohama City Naka Ward Koganecho urban area. With the city’s everyday spaces as a stage, the festival has been held every autumn since 2008, and to present organizers have invited a total of 90 groups of artists, curators, and architects from Japan and abroad. With an organization plan that considers creation to presentation as a consecutive process, the festival examines current issues raised by contemporary art.

●Terms and conditions for participation
Please read the following terms and agree with the condition before sending.
When the photo is received by the Koganecho Area Management Center, it is assumed that you have agreed and accepted these terms and conditions.

-As long as there is no technical problem on the data, we will use the photo as part of the work that will be exhibited at this exhibition. If receiving more than one photo from a person, or because of the limited exhibition space, the artist would select photos to use in the exhibition.

-The exhibited work is supposed to be sold as a toy product. You agree that the artist uses and sells in the product the photo you send.

-The photo you send will not be used for any works other than this project. However, there is a possibility that the artist will re-display the work at another exhibition in Japan or overseas in the future. Even for that case, you agree that the artist shows the photo.

-There is a possibility that the submitted photo will be subjected to the minimum necessary processing (brightness adjustment, trimming, etc.) to create a work of art. However, the artist will never significantly change impression of the photo, such as drawing on the photo.

-Only the photo will be used in the work, and no personal information such as name, address, contact will be disclosed. In addition, KAMC clarifies the purpose of use and complies with laws and regulations when acquiring or using personal information. The organization doesn’t disclose and provide the information to the third party without consent.

・For the purpose of publicizing in public relations activities and presentation of achievement, KAMC and the artist might take photographs of the works exhibited in this exhibition and use them (like, on website, magazine, etc.). In that case, please note that the photo you provide might appear as part of the work.

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